RePeat Restoration Matting

Peat Bog Restoration, or the lack of it, provides us, the short-term custodians of our planet, with a real and profound climate / emissions issue which needs to be dealt with in a collective and sustained manner by estate owners, government funded agencies, governments and industry alike.

Current methods of Peat Bog restoration require the use of very heavy mechanical plant which provides great challenges in terms of access and consequential secondary damage to the hillside as the heavy plant make their way in and out of the restoration areas. There is also a heavy monetary and environmental impact associated with current methods of Peat Bog restoration which makes large scale and sustainable restoration very difficult.

Having recognised the need for a more cost effective, practical and sustainable solution to the ever-pressing issue of Peat Bog restoration we developed our RePeat Restoration Matting.

RePeat Restoration Matting is an organic, bio-degradable erosion control matting which incorporates standard and specified seed mixes, suitable for various soil and climatic conditions typically found on estate hillsides. Indigenous seed mixes can be supplied to suit exact requirements.

RePeat improves poor ground conditions with the addition of organic fertiliser and dry micro-organisms which along with the seed mix are insulated and protected by coir fibre and reinforcement meshes for short, medium- and long-term degradation.

RePeat is available with a number of add on options including a flame-retardant option and also a steel reinforced mesh to protect the matting from wildlife.

RePeat is supplied in 2.4m wide x 25m long rolls allows for extremely efficient transportation to the restoration area and the coverage of large areas using only a handful of willing team members, with no heavy plant being required!

Once RePeat is rolled out the matting is staked and secured into the peat using wooden stakes, the next width is them rolled out ensuring a sufficient overlap and again staked and secured into the peat.

Once the exposed peat bog is covered, staked and secured the manual part of the restoration process is complete and it is then over to time and nature to turn your eroded peat bog back into the delights of a fully vegetated haven!

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